Our shop


This shows my two long arm Gammill quilting machines, the one in the forefront being the computerized Gammill using the Statler Stitcher program.  The slightly smaller frame in the back is the manual Gammill long arm quilting machine.

Once we realized that my business was steadily growing, we decided we needed to have a proper quilt shop as I was quickly outgrowing my basement.  After visiting Lynnville, Tennessee for supper one evening, we fell in love with their old railroad depot’s style.  As my home is located within one-quarter of a mile of the historic McKnight Depot, the style of my new shop was born.  My husband drew up the plans and off we went…..it took four years to complete construction, but it was well worth it in the end.  The shop was built right next to my home on land that has been in my family for several generations.  We opened our doors on March 5, 2005 and this year marks our 10 year anniversary for The Quilting Frame.  Our shop is centrally located to several cities in the vicinity….we are 12 miles from Leiper’s Fork, 18 miles from Columbia, 23 miles from Dickson and 21 miles from Franklin.  However, due to the fact that we are located on one of the Tennessee’s Trails and Byways Scenic Driving Tours – our section being called the Settler’s To Soldier’s Trail – we have been blessed with visitors from all over the United States, and indeed, the world.  Our many visitors have included tourists from New Zealand, Germany and Scotland, as well as from all corners of the continental United States.  I have clients in many different states who mail me their tops to be quilted, including Colorado, Florida, Ohio, North Carolina and Alabama just to name a few!  From the door of my humble shop in rural central Tennessee, I have been blessed to visit many beautiful places in the world through the many wonderful conversations I have had with the visitors who have crossed the threshold here at The Quilting Frame.